Cycle Guide DK

The Comprehensive Guide to Cycling in Copenhagen and Denmark

Cycling Rules

In order to quickly get accustomed to cycling in Copenhagen, you should know the basic rules of the road. The following are the most important biking rules, taken from The Danish Road Traffic Act.

  • Keep right
  • Use bicycle track when available
  • Riding side by side is allowed, but let others pass
  • No right-turns on red!
  • Keep right in intersections
  • Left turns in intersections stop at the next corner and wait for green light
  • Both feet on pedals and at least one hand on the handlebars
  • Forbidden to drive on the sidewalk or pedestrian streets – crossing while walking the bike is allowed
  • Children under 6 not allowed to drive alone ­– must be accompanied by a person 15 years or older
  • A bicycle that is parked must be locked, unless it is parked for a very short time
  • Walk bicycle across crosswalks
  • Only the number of persons for which the cycle has been designed for may be transported on a cycle
  • While riding, a cyclist is not allowed to hold onto another vehicle or to the driver or passenger of another vehicle

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