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Weather Conditions

Cycling in the Wind Copenhagen overall has a flat terrain, making it quite the comfortable city to cycle in. In terms of topology and weather conditions, the wind may be one of the only obstacles to smooth cycling trip. Be prepared to experience heavy wind gusts while cycling in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a windy city, [...]

Bicycle Rush Hour

In Copenhagen, 37% everyone working or studying use a bicycle to commute.  So, when all these bikes are out on the roads, it can get quite busy.  Morning rush hour occurs around 7:00, and evening rush hour occurs around 16:30.  Cycling in rush hour can be a bit intimidating because of all the bikes, however, [...]

Illegal Behaviors

Some of the cyclists in Copenhagen decide to not follow the rules when its convenient.  As long as you don’t interfere with anyone and do it without hesitation, then breaking the rules will be tolerated.  The rule that is broken most often is turning right on red.  Turning right on red is never allowed, but [...]

Traffic Lights

All over Copenhagen you will notice mini traffic lights, they are specifically for bicycles. They are usually on the right side of the normal traffic light. The light timing is staggered so that you can get a head start before the cars when heading across an intersection.

Hand Signals

Hand signals are essential for cycling around Copenhagen, especially for avoiding collisions and angering local cyclists. This photo shows the proper way of hand signaling, according to the Copenhagen Police. Make sure to practice this version: This photo shows the more common and subtle way of signaling, considered to be the “cool” Danish version. This [...]

Locking Your Bike

Locking your bike is easy. The rear wheel bike lock has a simple locking mechanism that threads a metal bar through the back tire spokes. To use the lock, insert the bike key into the lock and turn it right. While turning the key right, grab the lever on the opposite side of the lock [...]

Top Ten Tips for Urban Cycling

Here are the top ten tips Observe expand(document.getElementById(‘ddet589476569′));expand(document.getElementById(‘ddetlink589476569′)) Before you get on your bicycle and cycle yourself, it is very helpful to first observe how the locals cycle as a bystander. Pay attention to the locals’ cycling speed, how they signal and make turns, where they position themselves at red-lights, how they cross intersections, etc.. [...]