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Street Signs

Knowledge of the traffic signs is important so that you know what you are expected to do. Some of the signs can be somewhat confusing. For example, the sign pictured below means that it is a one way street, but that cyclists are exempted from the one way rule Be aware that there are also [...]

Suggested Routes

Hand Signals

Hand signals are essential for cycling around Copenhagen, especially for avoiding collisions and angering local cyclists. This photo shows the proper way of hand signaling, according to the Copenhagen Police. Make sure to practice this version: This photo shows the more common and subtle way of signaling, considered to be the “cool” Danish version. This [...]

Cycling Rules

In order to quickly get accustomed to cycling in Copenhagen, you should know the basic rules of the road. The following are the most important biking rules, taken from The Danish Road Traffic Act. Keep right Use bicycle track when available Riding side by side is allowed, but let others pass No right-turns on red! [...]

The Green Wave

The Green Wave in Copenhagen is a bicycle highway system currently in use in places with high levels of cycling traffic in Copenhagen. The Green Wave was first implemented on Nørrebrogade, and it has regulated traffic signals for cyclists. The traffic lights are coordinated to allow continuous traffic flow over many intersections in one direction. [...]