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Passing Other Cyclists

When you first start cycling, you will most likely be passed by everyone, which is why it is important to stay to the right (see Top Ten Tips ). When you wish to pass someone, if they followed the Top Ten Tips and are staying to the right, then simply pass them on the left [...]

How to Stop

If you are cycling and suddenly wish to stop, signal that you wish to stop first (see Hand Signals). Then dismount on the right side and quickly move your bicycle on to the side walk so that you do not block traffic, as shown in this video.

How to Make a Right Turn

Making a right turn is pretty straight forward.  Simply extend your right hand to let the people around you know that you are turning right, and then turn right as shown in this video. and this picture The only confusing thing about turning right is that turning right at a red light is not allowed.  [...]

Hand Signals

Hand signals are essential for cycling around Copenhagen, especially for avoiding collisions and angering local cyclists. This photo shows the proper way of hand signaling, according to the Copenhagen Police. Make sure to practice this version: This photo shows the more common and subtle way of signaling, considered to be the “cool” Danish version. This [...]

How to Perform a Hook Turn

The safest way to do a left turn quickly is to perform a hook turn.  The diagram below illustrates how to perform a hook turn.  You simply signal that you are going to stop, and then turn right and then left as shown in the green path in the diagram below.  Legally, you are also [...]