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Hand Signals

Hand signals are essential for cycling around Copenhagen, especially for avoiding collisions and angering local cyclists.

This photo shows the proper way of hand signaling, according to the Copenhagen Police. Make sure to practice this version:

This photo shows the more common and subtle way of signaling, considered to be the “cool” Danish version. This is the version you will see most:

3 Responses to “Hand Signals”

  1. Kaylee Says:

    So straight forward! This will come in handy when I move to Copenhagen next month!

    Mange Tak!

  2. Peter Says:

    This is important information for American cyclists (and possibly others as well), because there are some important differences. In the US, all hand signals are generally done with the left hand, the same as in a car whose blinkers aren’t working:

    US LEFT-turn hand signal = same as Danish LEFT-turn

    US STOP hand signal = like Danish STOP, but upside down, with forearm and hand pointing down.

    US RIGHT-turn hand signal = same as Danish STOP (except in special circumstances when Danish right-turn signal with right arm extended would be more noticeable).

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