Cycle Guide DK

The Comprehensive Guide to Cycling in Copenhagen and Denmark

Street Signs

Knowledge of the traffic signs is important so that you know what you are expected to do. Some of the signs can be somewhat confusing. For example, the sign pictured below means that it is a one way street, but that cyclists are exempted from the one way rule
One way for cars only
Be aware that there are also one way streets for bicycles, so if you see a one way sign without the blue bike sign underneath it, then it is one way for bicycles and cars.

Some other interesting road signs are picture below.
Street Signage
Sign E18 means dead end, and sign E18.1 means that it is a dead end for cars only, and there is a cycle path after the road ends. Sign C21 means that there is no traffic of any kind allowed, and C22.1 means that motorcycles and cars are not allowed. There is a whole series of signs like C22.1 which prohibit certain kinds of traffic. A full list of signs along with explanations (in Danish) can be foundhere . The main website is Most of the signs are straight forward, and with the help of the explanations and google translate, you should be able to figure out most of them. However, if you find any signs that you want an explanation for, send an email to

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