Cycle Guide DK

The Comprehensive Guide to Cycling in Copenhagen and Denmark

Weather Conditions

Cycling in the Wind

Copenhagen overall has a flat terrain, making it quite the comfortable city to cycle in. In terms of topology and weather conditions, the wind may be one of the only obstacles to smooth cycling trip. Be prepared to experience heavy wind gusts while cycling in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a windy city, and sometimes it feels like the wind blows at you head on, no matter which direction you are going. It is not too bad, but it may slow you down, almost even to a stop. So switch to an easier gear if need be and keep cycling.

Cycling in the Rain

Aside from the wind, cycling in the rain can be a bit of a nuisance. Cyclists should slow their pace to avoid skidding. Also it is important that if you plan to swerve out of the way of puddles, make sure to check over your shoulder for passing cyclists in advance. Many Copenhageners wear rain gear when cycling in the rain. There are also umbrella mounts for bicycles, and the group members saw one bike with such a mount. The rain can also be a problem even if one does not have to cycle in it because it can cause one’s bicycle seat to become wet. This is one of the reasons for using a bicycle seat cover. Bicycle seat covers can be purchased in most of the bicycle stores, but some cyclists may just use a plastic bag.

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